Leif Ericson / Interplanetary UFO / UFO Mystery Ship


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ages ago...

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Released in two versions - in 1968 this kit was molded in gray styrene as the Strategic Space Command Galactic Cruiser Leif Ericson, with clear red engine inserts and a lighting system. Later (1976) it was molded in phosphorescent styrene and released as the Interplanetary UFO. AMT has re-issued this kit (2009). Unfortunately they chose to go with the cheesy UFO version along with a new decal sheet - a rather poor choice of markings too, with shark jaws and skull'n'bones. Though there is the option to use markings for the Ericson's sister ship, Yuri Gagarin. Me, I'd rather see them return to the Leif Ericson version. But, I will give them points for the decals to detail out the launch bay interior.

The Leif Ericson release also included a flexi-disc record, Sounds of Outer Space. Click the disc picture to take yourself back to the '60s. "Is Man really exploring an atom... with room to spare"?

As an interesting aside, Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle adopted this ship as the design for the INSS MacArthur in their novel The Mote in God's Eye. The scale estimate comes from Frank Henriquez' site. AMT adopted this scale for the 2009 re-issue.

I've disassembled this old gem in order to do a real assembly of it. It's missing a few parts - notably the shuttle and clear engine parts. I found an aftermarket casting of those, though in opaque resin. So, with a bit of work, I'll have clear copies of those parts. And, with a purchase of the 2009 release, I have the shuttle.

Another note - at some point, probably to fit into a smaller box, the dies for the hull halves were each divided. The re-release is the divided version.