Class I Dreadnought

Conversion kit for Polar TOS Enterprise

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This kit uses parts from the Polar Light TOS Enterprise to build the Dreadnought from the old Star Trek Technical Manual by Franz Joseph Designs. I had enough nacelle parts left over from my 4 builds of the TOS-E kit so I didn't have to cannibalize more kits. I will need to use a kit decal sheet though.

IMG_6185.JPG (671684 bytes) IMG_6189.JPG (725433 bytes) IMG_6193.JPG (807470 bytes)

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I instered short sections of aluminum tubing into the drilled holes and superglued them in place. Once that was set, I used 5-minute epoxy to join the saucer, upper nacelle strut, and 2' hull. I filled and cleaned up the joins with green putty. Then attached the nacelles using superglue, using blocks of plasticine putty to hold the nacelles in place and in alignment while the superglue set. After more green putty filling and filing this was ready for a coat primer.

IMG_6204.JPG (603305 bytes) IMG_6210.JPG (682387 bytes) IMG_6220.JPG (719636 bytes)

IMG_6227.JPG (538346 bytes)

I used gray automotive primer on the model. Here, the topside is primed. Once dry, I'll flip it over and prime the underside.

IMG_6228.JPG (617611 bytes)

1/16/2011 - I gave this a final inspection... it's off to painting now.

2/15/2011 - The whole 8-starship project is here.

3/1/2011 - This took a break while I worked on the other three Franz Joseph designs - Transport, Destroyer, and Scout. Now, everyone is one big happy fleet, all together in the paint booth.