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27 white; 9 clear

Stand included?


Decals included?

oh, lordy yes

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local shop

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Let's go decal crazy, shall we? With this kit you have the options to do up the kit entirely in decals to replicate the intricate paint patterning of the filming miniature. There's also an option to plug the stand hole to make an intact hull to display in a cradle or other DIY non-invasive stand. Tooling is quite detailed - better in fact that the large AMT/ERTL refit A. OK, that's not such a high bar. This is a snap-apart kit so there'll be an extra layer of work needed to make it a glue kit, unless by some miracle the snap features are less annoying than other snap kits.

3/9/2010 - By some miracle the snap features are far less annoying than other snap kits. This almost... almost... could pass as a glueless assembly in my world. But I glued it anyway.

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3/28/2010 - Space note: the decal sheets for this do not have the option to build the NCC-1701-A Enterprise from movies 4-6, which is odd given how option heavy their TOS Enterprise and Klingon ships' decals were. The markings in the kit are strictly NCC-1701 from movies 1-3. But, the aftermarket has provided, with JDecaLs' sheet of "-A" markings and other omitted or incorrect markings. (Available from the Starship Modeler store.)

3/29/2010 - The sub-assemblies mostly just required minimal filing and sanding to clear up the seam lines. A few areas required puttying, most notably the gap between the neck and deflector under the torpedo tubes. Most of the other puttied seams are on the 2' hull. Once that puttying was complete, I snapped the sub-assemblies together. I've often been heard referring to snap kits as "snap-apart" kits. Not so this one. Once the saucer and nacelles are snapped onto the 2' hull assembly they are not coming off. Especially after a shot of Tenax into the joins.

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