Polar Lights'

U.S.S. Enterprise

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7/9/2012 - Hot on the heels of the release of this came a number of after-market products. One is a PE brass set from Paragrafix to detail the hangar/cargo bay bay, arboretum, officers' lounge, and some external details. I tucked into the hangar/cargo bay here - fun little project, almost like building a mini-kit that'll be part of a bigger kit.

I opened up the various areas of the shuttle bay side walls per PE set instructions and installed the brass using superglue. The deck is painted primer gray at this point. Once most of the brass was in I test fit the assembly to get an idea how it would look. There will be a lot of detail that simply won't be visible from the open bay doors. From there I moved on to painting the walls. From examing still frames from the movie the walls look closest in color to SAC bomber green and decking to intermediate blue (Model Master enamels).  I clearcoated and sanded the deck before applying the decals. None of the styrene parts are glued together yet.

brass installed1.jpg (862932 bytes) brass installed2.jpg (771179 bytes) test2.jpg (412077 bytes) test fit.jpg (816841 bytes)