Vulcan Shuttle Surak


Stated scale:


Actual scale:

unverified, ~1/144

VS_bow.JPG (24871 bytes) VS_fq.JPG (30070 bytes)

VS_aq.JPG (25862 bytes)VS_aft.JPG (24293 bytes)VS_side.JPG (22994 bytes)

VS_detail1.JPG (22538 bytes) VS_detail2.JPG (20066 bytes)

The model has aged a bit - lost a decal or two & discolored somewhat. I still need to post some "lit-up" pics.

Overall length:



Number of parts:

~17 opaque

Stand included?


Decals included?


My Source:

local hobby shop

Cost (w/o s&h):

so long ago...

Kit fixes needed:
surakfix1.jpg (21592 bytes) (1) Hemi-cylindrical details are missing. I made turnings from sprue mounted in a Dremel tool - see below.
(2) Flat plate needs to be cut away in one quarter, edge reformed with styrene. Small aircraft wheel glued in for detail.
(11) Scoops need to be hollowed out.
(12) Side panel isn't completely formed - needs lower half built out with sheet styrene.

To make the sprue turnings I used my Dremel tool with a speed control as a micro-lathe. I put a short piece of kit sprue (parts runner) into the Dremel and, with it running at low speed, used an X-acto blade & fine wet/dry sandpaper to shape the sprue. The chisel-type X-acto blades work better than the standard (really pointy) #11 blade. Once I've got the shape cut with the knife I used the sandpaper to smooth it. Then I very carefully cut the piece in half so there was half a turning for each side of the model.

surakfix2.jpg (20502 bytes) piping detail (3) made from stretched sprue.
more detail about callouts (2) and (3) above.
surakfix4.jpg (17290 bytes)

(4) Impulse engine opening cut into end cap, vanes of 1/8" wide strip styrene glued in. Amber-tinted lighting is inside
(5) Engine flanked by areas of ribbed sheet styrene.
(6) Detail piece needs to be sanded thinner.

surakfix5.jpg (16121 bytes)  
surakfix6.jpg (13679 bytes)
surakfix7.jpg (12212 bytes)
(7) Detail on leading edge of warp sled is missing. I cut a notch in the part, glued sheet styrene flush along bottom edge and small triangles in vertically - repeated for port side.
(8) Running lights in sled and shuttle.
surakfix8.jpg (17436 bytes) More of item (1)
(8) The aft sled running light
(9) Pads made from strip styrene.
surakfix9.jpg (26973 bytes) The path of the wiring to engines--runs between sled armature and keel panel, then into a groove cut into the nacelle strut. The groove was covered over with epoxy putty. Wiring to running lights is inside the sled armature and shuttle body. All the wiring runs out through a 1/4" aluminum tube which fits over an opening on the sled underside.

Even though the ship appears a brownish/ochre color in the movie, my choice of blue shades for the model is based on the images of the studio model on the box and those posed with Andy Probert.