Deep Space Freighter
a.k.a The "Merchantman"

and various other re-appearances

Kit Parts, Dorsal | Ventral


Stated scale: "same as ERTL Enterprise"

Actual scale: ~1/519*


Overall length: 12.9cm
Material(s): GRP resin, white metal
Number of parts: 1 resin,
2 metal
Stand included? no
Decals included? no
My Source: so long ago...
Cost (w/o s&h): 40.00

*based on length of 220 feet as given in artist's size comparison in Cinefantastique June 1987, pg.77.

This is a decent little kit. It took some time to clean up the casting defects - mostly mold lines and bubbles. Overall detail is good. Perspective and relative sizes are always iffy in movies, but based on the shot from ST3 when the Klingon Bird of Prey decloaks, this kit should scale well with the ERTL K'bop kit.

The model is pretty much all one piece. The two white-metal parts are the outboard pods trailing from the "saucer" edge.