Klingon Bird of Prey from
3-Piece Adversary Set


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"Surprise in the Bering Sea"

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12 gray; 4 clear

Stand included?


Decals included?


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so long ago...

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Although the main reason to get this trio of kits is for the Romulan Warbird, I did find a use for the small Klingon Bird o' Prey from the set. The kit was long out of production but has recently been re-released.

For this diorama from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, I scratchbuilt a small, about 1" long, replica of the whaler from sheet styrene of varying thicknesses and thin wire. The base is textured plexiglass backed by a printout of 2 humpback whales, visible behind the BoP just left of the impulse engines.

The BoP is painted overall chromate green with details areas in other shades of green and insignia red. There's a "U.S.S. Bounty" marking on the keel.