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Norway parts top | keel


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Federation Models

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US$ 50

7/21/06 - Gave the parts a thorough scrubbing with cleanser to remove mold release & other residues.

7/23/06 - Clean-up continues with filing and sanding surface irregularities, removing bubbles, and sharpening edges. Also made improvements to the pins to attach the nacelle struts to the main hull by adding a lengthened pin made of 0.1" aluminum rod to make a stronger, more stable connection.

8/1/06 - Attached the struts using fast-set (8 minute) epoxy putty. I placed supports of .4" under the nacelle attachment points, and .75" under the aft end of struts to align them.  I used my calipers to keep the struts properly spread; weights held everything in place while the putty cured.

8/3/06 - Finished assembly by attaching a bridge dome (two different versions were included) and epoxying on the nacelles. I had to rout out the slot in the nacelles so the tab would fit all the way into it.

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12/14/2007 - Puttying up the seams and too-deep windows.

2/9/2010 - Primed! Along with the rest of the First Contact 4.

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2/28/2010 - First coat of light ghost gray

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