Steamrunner Class Starship

Star Trek: First Contact

Kit Parts, Dorsal | Keel


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resin & clear red

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Federation Models

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Hmmm... this made it all the way through assembly and putty-up with out any notes.

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Assembly was something of a challenge on this kit since the nacelle-aft pylon angle was off so when the nacelles were attached, the pylons were about 1/2" off where they would connect to the deflector assembly. I ended up removing the pylons from the nacelles, drilling out the mating surfaces, inserting 1/16" aluminum pins, and re-attaching them so that the pylons would fit better to the deflector assembly. The aft-topside of the saucer & bottom of the deflector had a lot of orange-peel texture, so those areas got a coat of thinned green putty.

2/9/2010 - Primed! Along with the rest of the First Contact 4.

IMG_4627.jpg (1497951 bytes) IMG_4628.jpg (1528166 bytes)

8/9/10 - Steamrunner has moved on from priming. After several rounds of applying thinned green putty to "orange peel" texture areas, and then wet-sanding, and all the other fussy pre-painting prep work, this had moved on to being "paintable."

Now all 4 of the FC4 are off to the paint shop - whenever that happens.

IMG_5628.jpg (2081037 bytes) IMG_5629.jpg (1882360 bytes)

8/27/2010 - After a final light gray priming I airbrushed on a couple coats of MM camo gray, which is a close match to the call-out for Pantone warm gray 2

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