Polar Lights'

Reman Scorpion from ST Nemesis


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stupid stickers

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Pick a ship - any ship - from ST Nemesis for a kit... Valdore? Scimitar? Argo? Dune buggy? Nope, Polar Lights went for one they could attach Picard & Data's names to. So, we have the Scorpion. And riddle me this... Why would Remans name a fighter after terrestrial vermin?

And, oh yes... I have to let the Admiral speak about this kit...

Given that, it's not terrible for a snap kit. The patterning and detail are good and the snap-fit features work well enough. But I'm going for glued, of course. The instructions leave something to be desired, with arrows vaguely pointing to parts locations. It took a bit of head scratching - and finally watching the DVD - to figure out that parts 19 & 20 are Picard's piloting controls, which fit in under his display console, rather than somewhere under the craft's nose.


DVD is also a good source for some more accurate displays in the cockpit for do-it-yourself decalers...

Picard's display, pre-flight: Scorpion console green.jpg (49413 bytes) ... and in flight: Scorpion console red.jpg (41979 bytes).

Scorpion weapon mount.jpg (28868 bytes)And, the two flanking displays are blue, rather than the green & brown colors of the stickers. I suspect the displays along the canopy rim consoles are also similar colors. And even though the lighting in poor, those consoles do not appear to be copper colored, as the kit's paint callouts indicate. Other color changes I'd go for are to use steel Metallizer rather than Euro gray on the display panel frames. The main weapon looks more like like steel than gunmetal, and its mounting bracket is the same color as the weapon, rather than black.