Klingon D7 Battlecruiser

Star Trek TOS

Polar Lights

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39 or thereabouts

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10/8/09 - Like the 1/1000 Enterprise, this kit offers multiple build & finish options. I have one of these underway which will be the Romulan version of the D-7 - or rather, one of the Romulan versions. The kit version echoes the livery of the animated series' ship but there's also the version from the re-mastered TOS episode The Deadly Years  with the bird decal on the belly. I think I still have, somewhere, the Romulan bird decal from the small 3-ship TOS 1/1500ish set. It would be interesting if that fits this version of the D-7.

4/12/2010 - Been spending some quality time with this kit this week to putty up the abysmal fit where the neck joins the main hull. The huge gap exists because the engineering of this join is so bad that, if fit as designed, the neck tilts down and off to the side. Once straightened, there's a hug gap to fill. Did I mention this was designed as a snap-apart kit? Yeah, it's really bad.

IMG_5097.jpg (495631 bytes) IMG_5100.jpg (767704 bytes) IMG_5104.jpg (504825 bytes) IMG_5107.jpg (509972 bytes)

4/18/2010 - After a few more rounds of puttying and sanding that neck I'm calling it finally done. I scribed some grooves into the underside to match up to the detail piece on the neck underside. I really should pull a mold off this join in case I decide to build more of these, since this putty work was really a pain to go through.

IMG_5111.jpg (606672 bytes) IMG_5112.jpg (566919 bytes) IMG_5113.jpg (561804 bytes) IMG_5114.jpg (518846 bytes)

5/1/2010 - After hunting up stills of the Romulan D7 in the animateds, I find that the artists must have used the old AMT model as a reference. The Romulan ships have the ribbed collectors and the elongated hexagon detail strip on the main hull top. Those features are absent here, though the kit has the option of ribbed intake panels. So, this build becomes Klingon again.