Cutaway U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

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Actual scale:

definitely not  1/650; unverified


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Number of parts:

too many of the wrong sort and not enough of the right sort

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local store

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In a word... YUCK! Okay, I could  use other words - lots of other words - but this is a PG site.

This model is a pinnacle of failed potential. Sure, it'd make an okay toy with the cut-away gimmick, but as a serious Enterprise model, what's in the box can only be the beginning of a long slog of overcoming the cut-away "features" and fixing the kit's numerous mistakes.

Slog 1: repair the primary hull

After cementing the saucer segments together - with seams that fit together none too well, I heavily reinforced the seams from the inside with sheet styrene cemented across the seams and a good layer of epoxy. I removed the incorrectly-sized/shaped impulse engine rib and rebuilt it from stock styrene. For windows, formation lights and such, I cut openings in the hull and laid in clear styrene pieces which were then sanded flush to the surface. I got an aftermarket resin piece from Don's Light & Magic to replace the abysmally incorrect saucer superstructure.

1701u-sauc-top.jpg (41309 bytes) 1701u-sauc-keel.jpg (37875 bytes) 1701u-sauc-interior.JPG (408570 bytes)

Slog 2: repair the secondary hull

The secondary hull story is pretty much the same as the primary's - cement the segments together to make two hull halves, reinforce, putty, sand. The dorsal connector is too short, so I wrapped the dorsal in paper and filled the top with poly resin to create a suitable extension.

1701u-2hull.jpg (24913 bytes)

Slog 3: repair the nacelles

Same dance, different tune. In addition to reconstructing the nacelles, I made new detail pieces for the end cap and the three shields below the front dome. I also removed the inboard grid to replace it with more-accurate detail. I found some brass gridding in the railroad supplies that will work for the nacelle grid.

1701u-nacelles.jpg (33829 bytes) 1701u-gridreplacer.JPG (446413 bytes)

The nacelle struts were so weak & bendy-twisty as to be virtually useless. I reinforced each strut with a brass plate & epoxy putty. I've also run wires through the struts to provide power to the planned lighting for the nacelle collectors.

1701u-parts.JPG (416628 bytes) Assorted parts with corrected details, rebuilt parts, molds for casting copies of parts and so on.