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Oh, where to begin in describing the...

Shortcomings of the ERTL/AMT (original series)
18" USS Enterprise kit.


The primary hull

Topside: The raised grid doesn't belong; the superstructure & bridge dome are the wrong shape; window outlines are misplaced; the formation lights and running lights are missing; the nerny above the impulse engine is the wrong shape.

Bottomside: The three concavities don't belong; the three rings should be engraved; more formation lights and running lights are missing; the lower sensor dome is the wrong shape.

The secondary hull

Overall contour is incorrect; hangar door segments should only have a small groove between them; no navigation beacon above hangar door; deflector dish is incorrect; rings behind dish are too thick; 2nd ring should extend further out; the three 'clamp' nernies should be slightly inset into hull.

The warp nacelles

don't taper towards the aft end; the end caps need bigger ahem balls; the front caps should be clear and have a larger diameter; the three-panel shield should not be a single piece; the intercoolers need a short rib at their fore edge; the vent-like panels on the aft end should not have a long 'ramp' on one side; the control reactor lacks details

The decal sheet

Lettering is too condensed; lacks numerous markings - instead you get names for the who-o-ole fleet.

What could be worse!?

The 22" cutaway Enterprise. Words fail me.