Ambassador Class Starship
TNG era

Unknown Garage mfr
various ST:NG episodes

Saucer: Dorsal | Ventral
Secondary Hull | Nacelles



Stated scale: 1/1400

Actual scale: 1/1285



Overall length: 16.1"
Material(s): resins
Number of parts: 24 + clear
Stand included? yes
Decals included? yes, for "U.S.S. Nebula"
My Source: C&S Hobbies
Cost (w/o s&h): US$80

This kit represents the TNG-contemporary version of the class, not the 1701-C as stated on the instruction sheet. Generally the kit's of decent quality overall. The most notable faults are:

9/12/2010 - I got underway fixing up points 1 and 3 above. I'd made an RTV mold of the hull edge a year or so ago. Today I made a resin casting to replace the irregular section of the saucer. And that putty job is underway. The 2' hull halves don't fit together well either - I think trimming back the top center will edges will fix that 1/8" gap back at the shuttlebays.

9/24/2010 - Sub-assembly day! I superglued the nacelle halves together and secured them with rubber bands while the CAA set.

IMG_5768.JPG (432934 bytes)

9/25/2010 - I trimmed the joining surfaces of the 2' hull to improve their fit using a Dremel mini-drum sander.
Next up, cutting out the deformed aft edge of the saucer and trimming the replacement casting for that area.

10/26/2010 - Over the past month I've been at work on sub-assemblies - superglue for the 2' hull, superglue and 5-minute epoxy for the saucer and extensive putty work to fill the gaps.

IMG_5861.JPG (634278 bytes) IMG_5862.JPG (649402 bytes) IMG_5863.JPG (503436 bytes) IMG_5865.JPG (590088 bytes)

 I've started work on custom decals to mark this at NCC 10532, U.S.S. Horatio. Existing aftermarket decals are all in 1/1400 which will not fit this kit due to it's odd scale of 1/1285. This kit's saucer, compared to the AMT/ERTL 1701-C saucer, shows then scale difference between the two.

 IMG_5866.JPG (574274 bytes)