Cardassian Galor-class starship


Stated scale: 1/1400

Actual scale: unverified

Overall length:
Material(s): styrene
Number of parts:  
Stand included? yes
Decals included? yes, partial
My Source: local shop
Cost (w/o s&h):

8/20/2006 - While going through a storage box with a couple kits in it, I discovered the Cardy Galor - all assembled (save for the clear parts and attaching the bridge module to the main hull) and, after a bit of final sanding, ready for "prime time." And after that, ready for painting. I decided the suggested overall color, radome tan, didn't quite have enough of the "mustard" quality of the Galor, so I came up with the following mix instead for the overall color:
3 cc Humbrol wood
1 cc Model Master insignia yellow
10 drops neutral gray

2009 - Nope, start again. Find a different set of Galor studio model pics, see a different look to the colors. In some shots, the ship looks mustardy yellow; in others it's in the tan range. In yet other shots - orange, but that's bad lighting. I like the ones in the tans better, so that's the new target. All are Model Master colors unless otherwise noted.

Galor I Galor II Galor III
4 parts radome tan
4 parts Afrika Braun
2 parts military brown
1.5 parts Insignia Yellow
5 parts Galor I
4 parts military brown
1 part burnt siena
2 parts Galor II
.7 part Testors rubber


First colors - airbrushed the Galor I mix overall. Masked off and airbrushed Galor II onto hatches, "earwig" tail, and bridge. Galor III used for impulse engine cowls and sensor strips.
Blue Angel blue brushed onto raised ovals and strips. Rubber / black mix used as washes on sensor strips and venting.
Some of the blue ovals were missing or poorly formed. I added or replaced these with trimmed 1/16" wide .001" thick strip styrene.
Hand-painted "Galor 1.5" - equal parts Galor I and Galor II - onto raised panels, and in the process discovered some raised panels were missing from the front lower hull.
Rubber / black mix used as washes on venting.
Some shading is "Galor 2.5" - a darker version of Galor II.
Mask - spray - repeat.
I airbrushed panel shading using Galor 1.5 mix. In most cases I masked off panels with sticky-notes and lightly misted along the panel edge.
Shading in the vents is black chalkdust applied with a paintbrush.
Detail on the bridge module. The scraped areas here and above are for the eventual couple drops of cement when I attach the bridge module to the rest of the ship. galorbridge1galorbridge2