Nebula Class Starship

Macro Trek DLM Conversion kit for ERTL Enterprise D

Stated scale: 1/1400

Actual scale: 1/1400

IMG_5744.jpg (686750 bytes)
Overall length:
Material(s): resin
Number of parts: 17 ; requires Galaxy kit
Stand included? no
Decals included? no
My Source: DLM
Cost (w/o s&h):

8/20/2006 - I've had an older conversion kit (Macro Trek) for quite a long time. It requires a kit of the 1701-D for the saucer, nacelles, nacelle struts and a few incidental parts. The conversion parts are of so-so quality, with some hideous raised detail to match the equally hideous raised detail on the Galaxy model. The center detail panel on top of the sensor pod is totally incorrect; it was taken from the battle bridge piece on top of the Galaxy's 2 hull. It's all gotta go - looks like a job for the Dremel.

10/2009 - Sometime in recent history DLM produced a much better Nebula conversion kit, so that's the current plan.

Out with the old... the Macro Trek parts In with the new... the DLM parts
nebula_dorsal.jpg (21757 bytes)

nebula_ventral.jpg (21016 bytes)
IMG_4101.jpg (828885 bytes) IMG_4102.jpg (818892 bytes)

Job 1 on the model, just like on the old AMT Enterprise from TOS, is to remove the raised grid lines from the saucer and smooth down the orange-peel texture. Some things never change. There are raised lines on the DLM parts too which also will need to be removed.

Before... IMG_5748.jpg (51649 bytes)  After... IMG_5747.jpg (48608 bytes)

9/12/2010 - Lately this has been the TV kit - something to file and sand on while watching whatever I'm watching. I've made more progress on the raised line sanding and have gotten sub-assembly underway - the tactical pod and the nacelles.

9/17/2010 - ...and the 2 hull. Also got the putty work underway on the tac pod. Just for kicks, I stacked up the non-saucer parts. This will have to be a very modular paint job when that time comes with most assembly happening after painting.

IMG_5743.jpg (579000 bytes) IMG_5749.jpg (587309 bytes) IMG_5750.jpg (561556 bytes)

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