"K'obra Battleship"

ST:NG All Good Things

Kit Parts, Dorsal | Ventral 

Stated scale: 1/1400

Actual scale: 1/1860  
Overall length:
Material(s): resin & styrene
Number of parts: 13 resin; 2 sheet
Stand included? yes
Decals included? yes
My Source:
Cost (w/o s&h):

Produced before TPTB has sized out and named the ship class, this model is based on the existing ERTL Vor'cha class ship. Detail is fairly good, though the kit lacks the step-up that runs across the trailing portion of the wings. Also, in bow view the studio model seems to show the nacelles are slightly canted outward above, inward below. The kit include a sheet of Vor'cha decals plus a small sheet of custom markings.