U.S.S. Defiant



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Good luck to anyone who tries to build this as a snap-together kit, unless you have at least four hands. Job 1 on this was to re-work the snap features so this could become a glued assembly. ERTL also saw fit not to include clear parts, so there's much retro-fixit work to be done, recasting some parts in clear resin & reworking others.

1/4/2010 - Inside the hull - I sanded down the rings around those 8 "buttons" on the topside, thinning the plastic enough so the rings can be backlit.

IMG_4420.jpg (916222 bytes) IMG_4422.jpg (1118166 bytes)

The fore and aft caps on the warp pods need to be reworked for both detail and for clear parts. The fore caps have minimal detail, and lack the clear collector cap. I made a RTV mold of the piece, sawed off the solid gray caps, and cast the cap in clear to replace the gray part.

Aft, I cut out the gray plastic from the inset areas so they can be backlit. Brass mesh and clear sheet will be installed here.

IMG_4423.jpg (1583580 bytes) IMG_4425.jpg (1755875 bytes)