8472 Bioship

Star Trek: Voyager


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Overall length:

11.7 cm



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Not so much a kit as a glorified toy, this is one of those trading kits from Furuta - you know, the ones where you have to buy umpty-zillion of the things in the vain hope that you'll get the One Rare Thing in the set. Yeah, I don't buy that - literally. Mega Hobby was selling IDed kits from the series, no doubt the cast-offs from those who were suckered into buying said umpty-zillions. At least this provides a model of the Species 8472 Bioship. It assembled easily enough, though with evident seams from front forks to fins. I filled these and the fin root seams with green putty.

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Following a coat of gray primer, the first coat of paint is Model Master Raw Siena. I'm using the images from issue #5 of the Star Trek Magazine as color references.

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2/22/2010 - More paint - a strip of raw umber down the supposed gaps between the 3 main body parts, grays on the nose and other areas, black wash into the dots, lines and other surface details, and some pearl white over the orange glowy patches - to be followed by some clear acrylics.

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