Kazon Ship

Star Trek: Voyager


Stated scale:


Actual scale:

~ 1/470


Overall length:

33.8 cm



Number of parts:

Stand included?


Decals included?


My Source:

local shop

Cost (w/o s&h):

1/4/2010 - Well there... that's done. And puttying's underway.

IMG_4418.jpg (1614267 bytes) IMG_4419.jpg (1537690 bytes)

4/3/2010 - And puttying's done, at least until I get a coat of primer on it to see where flaws remain.

IMG_5071.jpg (539592 bytes) IMG_5072.jpg (555316 bytes) IMG_5073.jpg (458439 bytes) IMG_5074.jpg (429677 bytes)

4/8/2010 - Hey, what are these parts for? I found two parts in the box that I hadn't attached yet, and then noticed why: they're hollow. And the inside of the hollow would show after the parts were installed. They're the two small "deflector emitters" that attach either side at the top-aft area on the hull. I backed up each part with sheet styrene, then glued and puttied them in place.

IMG_5074_not_hollow_now.jpg (49010 bytes)

4/18/2010 - After a bit of back'n'forth I've decided to go with studio colors rather than on-screen colors for this. My main reference is the photo printed in the Christie's catalog, even though that's the modified "fighter" version of this ship, which has a sort of 'skullcap' over the top of the nose to make it look like a cockpit. The base color I made is 4:1 Model Master Afrika brown and military brown.

IMG_5119.jpg (528671 bytes) IMG_5120.jpg (508987 bytes)

4/26/2010 - Working on detail colors - Model Master dark green and "insignia purple" - a 1:1 mix of MM insignia red & blue.

IMG_5162.jpg (570472 bytes)