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Kit Parts, Dorsal | Ventral

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12 1/16"



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Q's Continuum

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One look at this model made me say, "this is the way a resin kit should look." Fine surface detail is the kit's hallmark. There's minimal flash on the parts and few casting flaws. The waterslide decals are of fair-good quality. Instructions are in color and include painting info. Now, just drill out some strategically-placed holes, embed magnets in the three hulls, and you're ready for multi-vector attacks.

9/12/2010 - In my quest for small magnets for this I found railroaders magnetic reed switches had some nice small bar and disc magnets. I routed out 4 areas of the beta and gamma hulls, epoxied the magnets in place, and puttied over them. The two hulls now can be displayed mated or separated. The alpha hull fits nicely onto the beta hull without magnetic couplers.

Somewhere in the depths of time the array of ribbing topside starboard on the alpha hull got damaged. I cut grooves into the hull for .02x.05 styrene strips to replace the ribbing. After some bubble-filling this got a coat of primer.

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