22nd-century Romulan ship




Stated scale:


Actual scale:



Overall length:



resin; clear green

Number of parts:

5 opaque
2 clear green (nacelles)

Stand included?


Decals included?


My Source:

Federation Models

Cost (w/o s&h):


I do like this design, even though to me it seems better suited for the TNG era rather than the "Birth of a Federation" era. But, what the suits want, the suits get. Or don't get (and often they clearly did not "get it" with ST:Enterprise) - as is evidenced in John Eaves' blog page about the Rombirdy. so that's why there's no warbird emblem on the keel.

Assembly on this was straightforward. I needed to do a bit of heat / reshape on the tail fin since it was noticeably bent. It's still noticeable, but less so. I also needed to do some surgery on the front of the join at the root of the portside wing. and maybe someday I'll find the pix I took of the progress to this point.

The paint job on this was loads My target was the renderings printed in the Star Trek Magazine.

I first airbrushed several layers of pearl and transparent green & smoke acrylic on the nacelles, then masked off the (powered-down) glowy areas using Micro Mask liquid.

For the rest of the ship I used mixes involving SAC bomber green, pale green, various German licht- and dunkel- grüns, and grays. I airbrushed on the lightest green color first, then airbrushed the larger areas of darker greens/gray. I hand-painted the small angular details.

And given the post on John's blog, I may just paint a warbird on this to spite the suits...