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ST Enterprise

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US$ 41.95

The first of Polar Lights' "big-box" starships is an impressive piece of work. I knew it would be big, but wasn't quite prepared for just how big once I was holding those saucer pieces in my hands.
But... I just wish the details were a bit more crisp and that there were tighter fit between some of the pieces. More on this as the days progress... below.

Day 1

Depending on your plans for this kit, you'll want to assemble the parts in different orders. I plan to paint the exterior before installing clear parts, so I'm assembling as much of the kit as possible without installing clear parts. So far, I've joined the fore/aft hull pieces and installed the saucer rim wall pieces. The walls don't fit in place particularly securely, and they don't butt up against one another well; there are many gaps needing puttying. The tabs on two wall pieces cover the holes for the port/stbd keelside running lights. These tabs need to be removed if you plan to light the kit.

PLNXday1-1 | PLNXday1-2 | PLNXday1-3

Day 2

If you plan to light this, you'll need to spend some time figuring out your wiring and where the lights will go. You'll need to mod some of the pieces and do some drilling.

lower hull obs. dome Lighting access for this will be covered by the "floor" piece of the aft docking area so you should cut some wiring/fiber paths before installing the floor.
tab removal close-up As mentioned on Day 1, tabs on saucer rim parts would cover the lower running light holes. This shows the removed tabs.
top hull holes You'll need to drill two holes in the top hull where the parts fit into their depressions. Place the parts in first, then mark where the hole belongs.