Acclamator Class Clone Troopship

Two Fat Guys

SW II Attack of the Clones



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Starship Modeler

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Assembly of this was quite easy; it just took a lot of clamping to get the hull to fit together with out gapping. I drilled out small holes for some wire pins to attach the bridge module to the tower. And at first I managed to get the tail on slightly crooked, but was able to remove it and straighten it.

IMG_3703 IMG_3704 IMG_3706 IMG_3709

IMG_3707 IMG_3708 IMG_3717

11/18/2010 - After a round of cleaning up the rim edges with green putty this was ready for priming. I did a little more touch up work on the rim after the primer showed some remaining rough edges.

IMG_5952.JPG (717777 bytes) IMG_5953.JPG (727771 bytes)

And then, painted... not much difference, eh? Neutral gray is neutral gray.

IMG_5970.JPG (700639 bytes) IMG_5971.JPG (658301 bytes)

12/6/2010 - Round one of detailing - airbrushed on dark gray (RLM 76) for the larger areas, then switched to chalkdust for the smaller detail spots. This'll take a while.

IMG_6100.JPG (552652 bytes) IMG_6099.JPG (545422 bytes)

12/20/2010 - Like I said... "a while." My main reference for the patterning on the ship is the Star Wars Chronicles - Prequels book, page 215. My method here is to make a small mask from two L shaped pieces of sticky-note material put together to make a box-shaped mask. For non-box areas I have strips of sticky note to make angles, tees and such. Then I scrub on a bit of dark or medium gray chalkdust. I'm also doing some general area shading and scrubbing to accentuate the lines and vary the surface shading.

IMG_6128.jpg (525300 bytes)