Fine Molds'
Jedi Starfighter

Stated scale:


Actual scale:


JS.jpg (51688 bytes)JSfront.jpg (44661 bytes)JSside.jpg (51796 bytes)

Overall length:



Number of parts:

starfighter: 23 white; 2 clear
hyper-ring: 16 white

Stand included?

yes, 2

Decals included?

yes, with a vengeance

My Source:

Hobby Link Japan

Cost (w/o s&h):

"Fine Molds" accurately describes this company. Detail on this kit is very well-executed and the parts are very well-formed. The only real flaws are two sinks to either side of the cockpit.

Assembled Jedi-Assembled.JPG (40014 bytes) and green-puttied JediStftr_puttied.JPG (21500 bytes)

Metallizer applied & buffed

White & black paint base coats applied:

JS-painted.JPG (46212 bytes) JSRing-1.JPG (26571 bytes) JSRing-2.JPG (28254 bytes) JSRing-3.JPG (21009 bytes)

100 decals later... 100decals.jpg (62861 bytes) and still about 80 left to apply.


Once all the decals were on I gave it a couple coats of dullcote, some light weathering with black chalk, and one final dullcote.