Revell AG (Germany)
Republic (Venator class)
Star Destroyer

Stated scale:


Actual scale:


Overall length:




Number of parts:


Stand included?


Decals included?


My Source:

Starship Modeler

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9/13/05 - Assembly was straightforward and clean, with little puttying and filing needed. Detail is good, in some areas excellent, lacking mainly in the engine exhausts and in the edge greeblies. There's a notable error in port/stbd bay doors (see below).

The kit also includes paints, though the gray included seems the wrong shade when compared to the box photo. Light gull grey seems a closer match instead.

View assembled and primed model - which all happened before I noticed that bay door problem.

Kit error:

The P/S bay doors should be angled outward so they are parallel to the centerline of the ship.

On the model kit, they are parallel to the hull border.

3/11/07 - Made a RTV mold & resin copy of the bay doors - the first step toward creating corrected parts for those:

RTV mold and original
parts # 40 & 45

RTV mold and castings

Original piece and casting

11/19/07 - That mold's gonna eventually need a backside...