A-Wing Fighter
Return of the Jedi

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3/9/2007 - I built this wa-a-ay back in the 80s, quite possibly right after Return of the Jedi came out and the kit was released. Yeah, there's a rare event - me building something in a timely fashion. So, this is all based on hazy memories of those times.

Like several other kits from Jedi, this one is a snap-apart kit. I bored out the holes and shortened the pins to afford a better parts fit so I could make a glued assembly of this. I think this was also my first time using chalks for some of the weathering on a kit.

I don't recall any major problems with assembly. I did clean out the black-painted inset strip along the fore-sides of the body so that the edges were crisper, and Dremelled out the insets on the two "nose" leading edges. I reworked the gun mounts so they could pivot. I also filled in the mounting stand hole (this was in my vehement "no invasive stands" days).

I think the overall light body color is Humbrol hull gray - it's a slightly warm light gray color. The maroon is probably a black/red mixture, though I did have some Floquil tuscan red on hand at the time. I hand-painted some of the hull panels a lighter gray and weathered around these with black chalk, suggesting they had been replaced due to battle damage. The maroon areas are shaded with a light airbrushed misting of white or light gray.