Draconian Marauder

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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9/12/06 - I got this model way back when it first came out and started putting it together. And then... well, other shiny things caught my eye. But, here it is, a couple decades later, assembled and waiting... waiting...

Dmarauder1.JPG (50087 bytes) Dmarauder2.JPG (60040 bytes) Dmarauder3.JPG (57264 bytes)

The main fault in the model is that the outboard pods only have 4 fins instead of 8. I'm making additional fins from .02 sheet styrene.

Marauder_fix.JPG (16375 bytes) Marauder_fin.JPG (12802 bytes)

3/9/07 - Ah, heck... I'm just buying the aftermarket replacement pieces.

P1020001.jpg (18925 bytes)P1020004.jpg (46627 bytes) P1020005.jpg (47140 bytes) P1020006.jpg (40555 bytes)

I removed the inaccurate pods using a razor saw. The replacement pods will be fitted to the cut surface with wire mounting pins.

2/22/2010 - New pods in place; puttying underway.

IMG_4662.jpg (1718920 bytes) IMG_4663.jpg (1442702 bytes)

3/20/2010 - Primed! Well, mostly. I didn't want to prime over the red canopy glazing.

IMG_4951.jpg (644507 bytes) IMG_4952.jpg (617709 bytes)