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Skyhook Models

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5 white; 1 clear; 1 wire

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C&S Hobbies

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Skyhook brings us the Planet Express ship cast in five white polyurethane resin pieces - fuselage, dark-matter engine, and three fins. This kit is very straightforward - the parts clean up well (with one exception) and assembly is simple.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The decal sheet includes 3 copies of the tail art. There are no paint color suggestions, so it will take some trial and error to get the right shades.

Clean-up Notes:

Each fin has two pour stubs, one on the mating surface and one on the very tip of the fin. The latter stub was the trickiest to clean up. The fuselage's pour stub is located where the engine attaches. The resin in this area was riddled with bubbles and required reinforcing to prevent crushing. I bored into the "resin sponge" and shot superglue into the voids. I also capped the end of the fuselage with .02" sheet styrene, superglued to the fuselage. Some of the ports were irregularly cast. I drilled those out to refill them with putty. To give a bit more definition to the engine, I bored out the spaces between the exhaust bells.

You can see light transmitted through the resin sponge in the upper-right area of the fuselage end. I capped the end of the fuselage with styrene.

Assembly Notes:

Piece o' cake. There were no problems assembling the pieces.

plex-stbdside.JPG (18862 bytes) plex-portside.JPG (17031 bytes) plex-keel.JPG (15629 bytes)

The puttied area is over the filled-in resin sponge & will be sanded down.

I glued two pieces of .08" half-round styrene to continue the "space bumper" around the backside.

There are gaps where the fins mate to the fuselage which will also require filling.