Hawk Spaceship

Space 1999

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8/7/06 - For the past 10-15 years, it's been all built and base-color painted, though not following the incorrect color scheme shown on the box cover & instructions.

P1120016.jpg (24579 bytes) P1120017.jpg (20250 bytes) P1120018.jpg (30817 bytes) P1120019.jpg (26289 bytes)

Assembly went well. The only area where I did any extra detailing were in the insides of the engine bells. The colors used so far were camouflage gray, flat black, stainless steel & gunmetal metallizers, and a special mix for the slightly-burnt orange:

8 parts insignia yellow
2 parts wood
1 part insignia red

8/16/06 - Comparing this kit now against an underside photo of the studio model that I found recently, schematics, and some DVD screen caps... I may take her back to the shop for some more detail work. The underside and aft end are missing a lot of detail - tanks, piping & such.

Screen caps:

Image6.jpg (7424 bytes) Image4.jpg (10982 bytes) Image1.jpg (17020 bytes)

Image3.jpg (8487 bytes) Image2.jpg (10095 bytes) Image5.jpg (7059 bytes) Image7.jpg (13270 bytes)

8/20/2006 - Yes, it's back for that added detail work. I'll be adding the tanks that flank the main engine, the oblong tanks and piping on the keel, and extend the V-shaped "skirt" that drops from the end of each winglet.

So far, I've removed the half-domes that flanked main engine in lieu of the tanks & connecting greeblies that rightfully belong there.