Castufell Province
of Storm Marchesv.s.e.

The Castufell Province lies north of Eutron’s Way at the western extents of the Storm Marches Kingdom. It is largely a forested and marshy wilderness of mountains and Earthbone veils. Most of the province’s population lives in and around three cities, Adhreten, the Ducal City of the province, Thelomon, and Sasparon. A secondary population center lies along the River Lod’horfen. Scattered towns line the banks of the Eutron’s Way and the Rivers in the Province.

To the northwest of Castufell is a large valley surrounded by Earthbone veils and the Worldwall. This is Skarndrai, a land of Lizardmen and Troglodytes, collectively calling themselves the Skarn. There is little contact between the Skarn and the outside world and they do not take kindly to intruders in their land. To the west is Laucinar Province of Aubresan, which borders the Dwarven Realm of Arngothrim.

The history of Castufell Province is darkened by the fact that this area was once the heart of the Casturi clans’ holdings. Yet in the centuries since the Casturi fall, none have located the Ebon Citadels, the ancestral Casturi homes. This province once spanned much of the lands that are now Belleota and Atladseun provinces. The province was much diminished in size when the Old North Marches kingdom was divided after the Casturic Wars.

Main Features of Castufell Province


Adhreten, Ducal City. Home to Duke Ferhas Lansiseu. The Citadel complex in the city houses the Ducal court and garrison, the S’chola Arkhaneu and S’chola Menteu (Greathouses for the Mage and Psionist Orders, respectively), and the Scholarly Quadrangles. Adhreten lies at the confluence of Rivers Sendheras and Douatha.
Sasparon lies at the mouth of River Loh’horfen a day’s riding west of Adhreten. It is the only major port city in the Province. A S’chola for the Arcane Orders of Mages and Sorcerers is located here. Thelomon lies some 10 miles downriver from Adhreten at Lake Thullas.
Ombres is – or rather was – 15 miles southeast of Thelomon. The city was among those lost on the day of The Change. The land where Ombres once was are now occupied by the Purple Forest.
Ganduway lies at the confluence of Rivers Loh’horfen and Nuomeret.
Ajuvaron lies on the Lod’horfen upriver from Ganduway.
Doundros is a minor port city near the mouth of River Skarson.


The Ourokhell Mountains span the base of the Worldwall at the north of the province. It is a rocky, jumbled terrain riddled with caverns and, many suspect, paths into the Under-realms. Barbarian tribes of Orcs and Ogres inhabit much of the Ourokhells, but tend to be kept safely north of the areas inhabited by Humans. In the more-hosptiable terrain here, the wilderness is forested and home to several Elven settlements, paticularly in the Nuomeret Valley north of Ganduway. The Pet’thu, Edresh, and Syakhell mountain ranges extend southward from the Ourokhells.

Aigren Fen is a vast wetland stretching westward from Sasparon for some 70 miles, and inland as far as 30 miles. Most of the Fen lies between the Rivers Eregen and Aunos. What little land traffic there is west of Sasparon typically follows rough roads skirting this fenland. Those who watch this sort of thing, and the Order has contact with many such, have noted that the Fen has grown in the past thirty years. It is reaching around the Uthayn Veil uplands and spreading toward the town of Ajuvaron.

Earthbone Veils arise from the land in several locations. Northwest of Sasparon is the Sani’esh Highland, dominated by the Sani’esh Veil.  The Western end of the Lod’horfen River valley is bounded by the highlands of the Dalyeas Veils to the north, and the lesser Setee, Aiyes, and Uthayn Veils to the south and west.

The Everwood is a mysterious forest in Sani’esh Highland. Said to be enchanted, it remains green and in bloom year ‘round, immune to the ravages of fall and winter. The source of this enchantment is unknown.