Vellatrya Kruchan is the westernmost of the 40 Vellatrya of the Empire. It lies between the Agapos and Checuleppan Mountains, with the Kruchan Range running along its middle. Two major rivers run through Kruchan, and most travel occurs via them. In eastern Kruchan flows the Glyn; western Kruchan is drained by the Peradul. The Peradul and its major tributary, the Almeres River mark the principal part of the western boundary of Kruchan and thus also, part of the western Imperial boundary. Human habitation does spread onto the western Peradul valley as well as into the Glyn valley north of Kruchan. Technically such humans are beholden to the Khazad Selend, the Dwarven Realm which lies west of the Empire, but relations with the dwarves are such that not much is made of the matter.

Kruchan is divided into four provinces, essentially duchies, although the small size of the kingdom makes the Duchies the equivalent of many another kingdom's Counties. It is not large enough to be extensively subdivided into Marquisats, Counties, Earldoms, and Baronies. The Western Province is all of Kruchan that lies west of the Kruchan ridge and south of the Tyn Pass and village of Cluwell. It is governed from Koruam, the city on the narrow peninsula between the River Peradul and Lake Boubriss, the terminus of the River Almeres.

The South Province is seated in Achallis, some twenty miles up the Glyn River from Glynmouth, and extends from the seacoast to a cairnóline some ten miles north of Achallis. The South Province is also home to the Crown City, High Kruchan, at the mouth of the Glyn, King Bollemos VI rules the land. Another twenty miles north lies Lesaith, seat of the Central Province, which extends another twenty miles north of Lesaith. From here and extending some thirty-five miles to the north border lies the Northern Province, governed from Tyngarth, the second largest city in the kingdom.

The city of Tyngarth is situated on the west bank of the Glyn River just north of its confluence with the Tyn. A number of small villages are nearby, both dotting the river plain east and south, as well as scattered in the mountains north and west. The mountain villages are primarily mining communities, the Kruchan range being a source of several useful ores (iron and copper, primarily), and also yielding some semiprecious stones: malachite, hematite, and garnet. On the river plain and around Tyngarth are many farm households. Agricultural crops are principally grains, grapes, and various orchards. Sheep and churds are the principal livestock of the region.