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These few pages pretend to present to the Player the richness of experience and depth of knowledge attained by the Persona through a life's exposure to the milieux of the Siritean Empire and the greater world, Taus Gaia . It is likely best to begin with the most general knowledge of the Empire, that heard by all but actually experienced by only a few.

The Quinvellatrya Siritea, Siritean Kingdom of Kingdoms, is an Empire that spans some 3,300 miles from the Vellatrya Donjannes, the Empire's southernmost extent, to the eastern tip of Vellatrya Storm Marches which lies at the eastern foot of the Worldwall, the northernmost extent of the Empire. If one marched directly eastward from the western frontier of Vellatrya Kruchan, one would cover 1,700 miles before coming to the seacoast in Vellatrya Leesul. From the mouth of the great Siritus River, a northward journey would end after marching nearly 2,300 miles to the vast inland waters of Eutron’s Cradle at the western base of the Worldwall in the northmost reaches of Vellatrya Nostoc.

The seat of power in the Siritean Empire is Ugramux Tintajjilat. In the speech of the nobles, he is Quintajaiac Vellatrix of the Quinvellatrya Siritea. Common folk will call him Emperor of the Siritean Empire. A Tintajjilat has ruled the empire for 638 years; Ugramux is the 35th of that dynasty. Common folk likewise will not call their king or queen vellatrix, nor call their kingdom a vellatrya. Neither will they  attempt to trade in coin made of the noble metals, nor own or trade in Staltzhur, the noble Bluestone. Such is the law of the empire. Folk who are good and lawful will make their devotion to the pentatheon of deities of the Vierkeill Quincunx.

At the west, north of Kruchan, the Feryl Mountains border the Empire, running north and slightly eastward to meet the Worldwall and the small range between them, the Rumenti. West of the Feryl run the Mistye and the mighty Checuleppan Mountains. In these mountains and valleys, and to the west, are the Khazad Devenrim, the realms ruled by the Dwarven Kings. All mountains merge to form the base of the Cheuguai sai Elendi, the Vault of the Gods, whose presumed summits none have found. Only rumors and legends, never firsthand experience, speak of the fates of those who have sought to climb the Cheuguai. Rumor says they die a cold, blue death, starved of food and breath, or fall prey to dragons of ice and cloud , the yeti, or the Icemen, who sacrifice them to their God of Ice, Kaaltes. Legend claims some climbers are Chosen and attain the summit, there becoming Devas, Solars, or even Demigods.

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