The Religions of the Siritean Empire

The Druids

The central precept of Druidism is that Mortal law is irrelevant and subservient to Natural law, as exemplified by Taus Gaia, the actions of the plants and beasts in the world, and to a lesser extent, the actions of water and land. Druidism is a far more holistic religion than is the Quincunx, and is centered upon the nature and nurture of that which grows from the soil. To the Druid, the act of eating is a deeply religious experience. The dedication to faith of a thin Druid is deemed questionable.

Cheulguendhegai Diacalguensolep

The brethren (and sistren) who serve Cheulguendhegai Diacalguensolep, Father of the Earth, Mother of the Sky, embody the alignment of Neutrality. Often called the Old Faith, this order is by far the oldest of religions, dates far back to before the founding of the Empire, even predating the Rivening. Its clerics, most of them Elven, are called Druids in these times, and hold their devotions in deep-wood Holts. The various Elven races are the primary holders of the Druidic faith. It is not unknown, however, that many a human backcountry cotholder will make devotion to this deity of the Old Faith.
There exists a rich oral tradition, supplemented by rare written and pictorial records, in the Druidic body. Much of what is known of the ancient world is known through the Druids’ histories.
Rumor holds that the High Druid lives somewhere in the deep forests of the North Marches.
In a minor variation of this faith, some Elves revere Cheulguendhegai Diacalguensolep as two individuals, Seleujeduan, The Lord of the Land and Sky, and Varaheeshen, The Lady of the Cycle.

Etrach Oneshen

A variation of this faith exists in a form called Etrach Oneshen, the Way of Many Who Are One. Whereas the Old Faith is strongly rooted in Natural Law,  Etrach Oneshen is centered on the actions of individuals and their motivations. Humans are more-often drawn to this version of Druidism than they are to the Old Faith. Oneshen is four gods inextricably linked and always in conflict. The gods are Gehenn, the Lord of Chaos ; Eyliss, the Lord of Law ; Tyaner, the Lord of Good; and Khabel, the Lord of Evil. Oneshen is often depicted as an androgynous demihuman with four arms, four legs, and four faces, each facing outward from the center of the body. If they are depicted with gender, Gehenn and Tyaner are female; Eyliss and Khabel are male.

Deity Alignment Cleric Worshipper
Cheulgwenthegai Diacalgwensolep neutral neutral true neutral
Seleujeduan chaotic neutral neutral  any neutral or chaotic
Varaheeshen lawful neutral neutral  any neutral or lawful
Etrach Oneshen neutral neutral any partial neutral