The Elven Isles

This Elven nation span three major islands and several small ones lying to the southwest of the large land mass of Etropa, on which lies the Siritean Empire. The largest island is Tol Silmechoir. To its east is Tol Kemenras and some greater distance to the north is Tol Esteuqua. Riluinea is the small sea between is Tol Silmechoir and Tol Kemenras where three small groups of islands lie, Tolas Ninque (White Islands), Tolas Girith (Shuddering Islands), and Tolas Yantalen (Bridging Islands). The seas around the islands are named Sirisulear to the south, Sirilintear to the west, and Vanarear to the northeast. From the heights of the eastern promontory of Tol Kemenras , if conditions are fair and the watcher has sharp eyes, the land of Dol Glanduin can sometimes be seen.

The Magearchy provides for the governance of the islands. Becoming a mage on these isles essentially makes one a member of the aristocracy. Elven magic here is land and life magic, drawing power from and through the land and its life. The power of magic thus drawn is only as good as the land and its life, thus the elven mages, through the use or their magic, can sense the welfare of the land and its life. From this ability they gain the respect and governance of the populace (at least those of lawful alignment) the neutrals and chaotics are allowed in the lands providing they exert no bad influences in the land; the evils are not tolerated and are cast out. The Magearchy consists of a Council of Seven, 4 Elemental Mages, representing Earth, Air, Fire, and Water; 2 Vitality Mages, representing Positive Influences and the Negative Influences; 1 Alternity Singer, who weaves the forces of the other six into the land's inner harmony.