Many of the proper names and other terms in these pages are given in the language of the player speaking in the land's "common" tongue. Since some of these sounds and letter pairings will be unfamiliar to those new to the Empire, this page attempts to describe how they should sound. If you don't see a pronunciation below, most likely you can use your normal pronunciation for the letter(s).

Vowel combinations

Single vowels a, e, i, and u are pronounced as the English short vowel form. The single o is a long.

Letters as in... Written sounds like... and definitely not like...
a Tarsilon car bat, hal, bake
e Nefthit bed we
i Latiklon fit site
o Sovalon aw in yaw so, lot
u Dumresh dumb, lug cute

Vowel diphthongss are frequent in the language. They are always pronounced as a single sound. That is, there will never be a syllable break between two vowels. Many of these are fairly "loose-lipped" or "open-mouthed" sounds, especially where w-like and y-like sounds are involved. That is,  the ua sound is about halfway between saying ah (mouth open) and wa (mouth all but closed for the w

Letters as in... Written sounds like... and definitely not like...
aa Kaaltes play - linger on the a  
ae Fraenes a-eh day
ai Guendhegai guy  
ao Gaon Dao  
au Taus "owoo" "aw"
ea Gearun halfway between 'air' and 'err' fear
ee Nendrees free  
ei Krei a bit of short e before a long i cry
eo Teobreth yo as in yoyo, but light on the y Leo
eu Cheu Cheoo (short e) chew
ia Iarel D'ya (as in "Do ya", but light on the y) Ian (man's name)
ie Krie kriee ( a bit of short i before a long e) kree
ii Zhaccii a stretched 'eye' Hawaii
io Lios dose, but with a bit of 'y' in it: dyose Leo
iu Fiunna light 'yuh'  
oa Doates long o + 'ah'  - more like 'wa' load
oe Antoeg light w + 'eh'  
oi Varhoinne light w + 'ih'  
oo Kinooruen tattoo book
ou Kouthmes between 'wuh' and as in rough you
ua Lumiargua wa, light on the 'w'  
ue Guendhegai Gooen (short e) Gwen, duet
ui Luinharre wi(ck), but light on the 'w' intuit
uo Zevuotra woe, but light on the 'w' duo
uu Quutek woo  


The y followed by a vowel, and in ya or ye, is fairly standard. Y preceded by a vowel often becomes two sounds.

Letter(s) as in... Written sounds like... and definitely not like...
ay Taymarin Day aye
ey Jonifrey (b)ay-eye fey
iy Liycc (b)ee-eye  
oy Loyfan (t)oe-eye boy
uy Truygath (t)oo-eye guy
y Kyndelain a y followed by vague i/u sound (as if spelled "Ky(i/u)ndelain") i, either short or long


Most are fairly standard. The notable exceptions are below.

Letter(s) as in... Written sounds like... and definitely not like...
c Checuleppan an intermediate K-G sound as in cat, or since
cc Liycc an intermediate CH-J sound ss
ch Chibre hard, as in change  
g Gearun hard, as in go 'j' as in giraffe
hh Chahhe as in German 'nach'  
dh Nodhoscor as in the as in path
th Shotha as in path as in the
x Vellatrix sth 'ks' as in ax
ng , nk, nt,  nd, etc Tyngarth


two separate sounds within words
nasalized at end of words or before a glottal
doubled Annesherre emphasizes the consonant & syllable; any lone vowel following it is pronounced  
"h"-ed consonants Ghilaan

Typically adds an aspirant quality to the consonant.