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Selected bookmarks to illustrate the rich resources of the Internet for plant biologists everywhere. Compiled by Dr. David W. Kramer, Department of Plant Biology, Ohio State University, Mansfield, OH 44906. Compilation and display © 2002 Can be copied only for educational purposes, not for resale. Further information:

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Search Engines
These are just a few of the many search engines you can use to find about anything on the Internet. If you don't find the topic on this list, try the search engines!  If you are looking for information on a particular plant, searching on the scientific name of the plant will increase your chances of getting information written by professional botanists.

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College and University Home Pages


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The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University Homepage
Information about the university for students, faculty, and others.

The Ohio State University Libraries
Click here to access the OSU library catalog.

OhioLINK (Ohio Library and Information Network)
A link to the combined catalogs of most of Ohio's academic institutions. You can check out books by interlibrary loan from this link.

The Ohio State University at Mansfield
General information about OSU's most beautiful campus!

OSU Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Links to information about programs, courses, and faculty.

OSU Department of Plant Biology
Information about the department's undergraduate and graduate programs, courses, and activities.

Andrea Wolfe's Homepage (an OSU faculty member)
Andi's web page can serve as an excellent model for faculty web pages everywhere! Links to her research, current publications, and class notes for Plant Biology 102 and 694.

Horticulture and Crop Science in Virtual Perspective
Outstanding page from the OSU Department of Horticulture. (Appears farther down on this list, too.)

                                                            [ Top ]

Agriculture and Horticulture

Agricultural Economics

USDA Economics and Statistics System
Excellent source of statistics on production of all kinds of crops. Located at Cornell University but with data from USDA data bases.

                                                            [ Top ]


Crop Pests
Methods of controlling pests for hundreds of crop plants. From University of California at Davis.

Evolution of Crop Plants
A very rich source of information about the origin of most of today's crops. Consists of a series of 20 lectures and "Crop of the Day."

National Agricultural Library
NAL is a major international source for agriculture and related information. This Web site provides access to NAL's many resources and a gateway to its associated institutions.

NewCrop Index (Purdue)
Links to scientific names of thousands of plants including trees, ornamentals, herbs, crop plants, etc. Many links have images and "fact sheets". An excellent resource for students writing term papers on economically important plants.

StratSoy (Soybeans)
An information and communication resource for the soybean (Glycine max) industry of the United States. Developed and maintained by the University of Illinois.

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American Association of Amateur Arborists
This is the place to find labels that can be downloaded for free, laminated, and attached to trees.

British Trees
Useful information and images of trees of the British Isles.  Well done.

College of Forest Resources
Many links to information about the forest industry, careers in forestry, etc.  Well-designed web page from the University of Washington.

Forest Biology and Dendrology
This information-packed site from Virginia Tech University has Fact Sheets for Tree Identification, The Meanings of Scientific Names, Fall Color, Leaf and Twig ID Keys, Forest Biology (Ask Dr. Dendro), and other resources.

Forest Products Division
The American Institute of Chemical Engineers maintains this site mostly focused on paper production.

Forest Products Society
A very comprehensive list of links to information on all aspects of the forest products industry.

Steve Shook's Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science, and Marketing
A directory of resources for forestry.  Well-designed web site.

Excellent information on North American (eastern) trees, tree biology, tree news, tree forums, record-setting trees, etc.

Tree Selection and Management
This site from the University of Florida Extension Service helps with the selection of trees that will grow well in your environment but you also will find out why the tree might be undesireable in your lawn because of the mess it makes.  Index to common names and scientific names of virtually all of the ornamental trees, not just those that grow in Florida.

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About Gardening
An excellent starting point for information about gardening.  The comprehensive index points to many topics.

American Horticultural Society
Has links to information about cultivated plants, mostly ornamentals and other plants grown by the home gardener.

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension
Links to all aspects of horticulture and agriculture.

Cornell Ag and Life Sciences Home Page
Links to information about Cornell's programs, extension information about plants, instructional materials, etc.

The Encyclopedia of Plants
A listing of most of the cultivated plants (and many native plants) by common name and scientific name with information about the best methods of cultivating them.

Ohio Floriculture Newsletter, The Ohio State University's site for commercial floriculture.  Useful information for the home flower gardener, too.

Garden Web
A comprehensive source of information.  The HortiPlex Database accessed from this site has gardening information and images of specific plants.  Includes a Glossary of Botanical Terms with 4400 entries.  Forum for garden questions.  The monthly Mystery Plant Contest is fun.

Horticulture Solutions Series
Lots of advice from University of Illinois Extension. Flowers, fruits, houseplants, lawns and groundcovers, pests, soils and fertilizers, trees and shrubs, vegetables.

The Garden Gate on Prairienet
Offers gardeners and nature lovers links to useful and interesting sites around the world as well as a growing collection of original materials.

Horticulture and Crop Science in Virtual Perspective
Prize-winning page from the Department of Horticulture at The Ohio State University.

The Brookhaven National Laboratory provides lots of information about hydroponics for teachers and students with links to useful resources.

"An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors." from Texan A&M University.

National Gardening: Kids and Classrooms
This page is the National Gardening Association's forum for teachers, teacher educators, and community partners interested in using plants and gardens to enrich learning. Quality resources, services, networking opportunities, etc.

The Orchid House
Links to information for the orchid hobbiest. Mostly horticultural information.

Pests and Disease of Horticulture
When you get to this Plant Dictionary site, click on Pests and Diseases.  Another Ohio State University site, this is a searchable database of more than 1,100 high quality images featuring pests, diseases and other problems of plants.

Plants of Horticulture
When you get to this Plant Dictionary site, click on Plants.  Provides automatic searching of Ohio State University’s Factsheet Database and Plant Dictionary for over 600 ornamental plants.  Plants of Horticulture is a searchable database of 3,878 high quality images and horticultural descriptions for hundreds of unique species and cultivars.

Seeds of Change Garden
This site from the Smithsonian Institution focuses on the origin of various common food crops and the ways they were brought into cultivation. Lots of good ideas and information for school children and their teachers.

Texas Aggie Horticulture
Information about the horticulture program at Texas A&M Links to useful information about plants.  Good ideas for students and their teachers.

Virtual Gardener
This online gardening magazine offers lots of interesting and useful advice on all aspects of home gardening.

                                                            [ Top ]

Medicinals and Nutrition

American Botanical Council
The American Botanical Council publishes information on the uses of herbs and phytomedicinals.

Dole's Nutrition Page
Lots of nutrition information on Dole fruits and vegetables in a style that's mostly for children. Fun!  See Bobby the skateboarding banana!

                                                            [ Top ]

Plant Improvement

"A journal devoted to the economics and management of agro-biotechnology."  Published by advocates for agro-biotechnology.

National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS)
List of germplasm repositories (seed storage) with links to their individual home pages and search engines for germplasm locations of hundreds of species.

Transgenic Crops: An Introduction and Resource Guide
A very comprehensive resource from Colorado State University.  Also available in Spanish language version.


Timber Press Home Page
Catalogue of Timber Press publications, mostly horticultural. Gardening tips interspersed.



APHIS Web -- Noxious Weeds Home Page
Weed information from the U. S. Department of Agriculture with hot links to other sites with weed information.

Weed Images
Photos of most of the common weeds of the northeastern United States provided by the Agricultural Extension Service of Rutgers University.  Also includes links to common names and Latin names.

Weed Science Society of America (WSSA)
Links to valuable information on weeds, photos, methods of controlling weeds, etc.

Weeds Gone Wild:  Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas
This is a partially completed project of the Plant Conservation Alliance.  There is excellent information for those plants on the very long list of invaders that have been researched.  Writers are needed.

Weeds of the North Central States
Online version of a classic book.  Excellent line drawings and distribution maps (includes Ohio) of all the common weeds.

                                                            [ Top ]

Plant Biology (Botany) and General Biology

Cell Biology

Cell Basics
An excellent introduction to cell biology from MIT.

Cell Biology Honors Course
Site for the Cell Biology 220H honors course at James Madison University.  The course is taught by Dr. Jon Monroe.  Good information on all topics related to cell biology.

The Nanoworld Home Page
Award-winning site of The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis of The University of Queensland (Australia), an interdisciplinary research and service facility dedicated to an understanding of the structure and composition of all materials at atomic, molecular, cellular, and macromolecular scales. Beautiful electronmicrographs of a variety of subjects. You can experience long download times but the wait is usually worth it!

The Virtual Cell
Tour a virtual plant cell and its internal structures.

                                                            [ Top ]

Courses and Course Materials

Beyond Bio 101: Table of Contents
A report on reforms of introductory biology courses funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at 220 colleges and universities.

Maintained at Illinois State University as a resource for biology laboratory exercises, mostly for college and university level.

Biology Laboratory Clearinghouse
A project at the University of Delaware designed to be "a place where biology faculty and staff anywhere in the world can find free educational materials for the biology laboratory.  Materials will range from just methods to fully developed laboratory investigations for high schools, two-year colleges, and four-year colleges and universities."

The Biology Project
From the University of Arizona -- "an online interactive resource for learning biology."  Many good K-16 learning resources.

Botany 301-Taxonomy of Flowering Plants (Texas A and M)
Homepage for a plant taxonomy course; has many useful links.

Image databases from the University of Wisconsin useful for teaching.  Some images are poor quality but many are good.  Useful for students and teachers but some prior knowledge of the images is required as little descriptive information is provided.  Links to related sites such as BioWeb home site and GenWeb, EcoWeb, IntroBioWeb, ZooWeb, etc.

Canadian Botanical Society Teaching Section
A site with many resources for teachers and thier students.  Image sites, college and university teaching, good videos, how to do it, teaching any level, internet discussion for teachers are all represented here.

Cell Biology Honors Course
Site for the Cell Biology 220H honors course at James Madison University.  The course is taught by Dr. Jon Monroe.  Good information on all topics related to cell biology.

Chez Marco's Plant Pictures
Hundreds of excellent photos of plants.  Many are European.  While you are here check out other plant information in the Florin database.

Steve Wolf was a pioneer in authoring web pages and has taught numerous HTML workshops throughout the California State University system and at AIBS/BotSoc meetings. Numerous useful links to botanical information. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST WEBPAGES ON THE INTERNET FOR PLANT BIOLOGISTS.

General Biology Program of the University of Minnesota
One of the WWW's most outstanding examples of a page supporting a general biology program! Visit it to see the spinning model of DNA and a clever worm (is it a bookworm?)!

On-Line Biology Book
One of the richest resources on the internet!  This online textbook is a massive resource of information for biology teaching and learning.  Created by Michael J. Farabee of Estrella Mountain Community College in California.  Many of my OSU students have found this site very helpful.

Plant Science Education USDA
A USDA page with plant science education links.

Plant Biology 300 (=Horticulture & Crop Science 300)
This is an introductory course in plant biology for horticulture and biology majors who have had Biology 101 or 113 at Ohio State University.  Links to many online resources.

Science and Plants for Schools
A site loaded with information for teachers... on ways to use plants in teaching. Maintained by Barry Meatyard in the UK with funding from the Gatsby Foundation.

Scott's Botanical Link of the Day
Dr. Scott Russell's (University of Oklahoma) daily posting of outstanding sites for plant biology educators with eclectic interests. Super! This site has been selected by the Education Committee of the Botanical Society of America to be its primary "Educational Resource" on the BotSoc web page. An excellent example of Scott's expertise in building web sites.

The Virtual Foliage Page
This site, maintained by the University of Wisconsin, has more than 5,000 plant images used for teaching their courses. "The General Botany set consists of over 2,000 pictures organized within the context of an introductory botany course. The Plant Systematics Teaching Collection consists of over 4,000 images of vascular plants organized taxonomically. It is used by students here as a reference in much the same way as a herbarium would be used. The Dendrology collection includes thousands of images from more than 100 woody genera. The fungi collection is largely made from the personal teaching collection of Dr. Tom Volk at the university of Wisconsin - LaCrosse. Vegetation of Wisconsin in its entirety was produced from the personal teaching collection of Dr. Virginia Kline retired naturalist at the U.W.-Madison's Arboretum."

                                                            [ Top ]

Directories and Lists

Career Considerations for Plant Biologists
A useful site maintained by maintained by Catharina Coenen of Allegheny College.

Internet Directory for Botany
The Internet's main directory of information on plant biology.

Member Directory for Botanical Society of America
Searchable directory.

                                                            [ Top ]

Ecology and Conservation

Forest Conservation Portal
Those interested in conserving the rainforests and other forests will find useful information here including the latest news of conservation efforts around the world.

U.S. Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Information and bibliography for Long-Term Ecological Research, a project of the NSF. Links to 24 sites.

Links to state heritage programs, state status information for plants and animals, and variety of other information on North American taxa.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Information about Ohio's natural resources and the governmental department that is responsible.

Plants of the New Jersey Pinelands (Pine Barrens)
A description of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Includes many photos of the native plants.

Rainforest Action Network Home Page
A page for RAN activists. You can understand the flavor of this page by looking at some of the topics: Action Alert, Amazon, Ancient Redwoods, Rainforest Information, Demonstrations, Campaigns, Victories, and Kids' Corner.

Raintree Marketing Home Page ("Wealth of the Rainforest, Pharmacy to the World")
Interesting information about the Amazonian rainforests and the history of their exploitation. The Raintree Group of companies advocates the preservation of the rainforests by promoting the use of sustainable and renewable botanical sources like important medicinal plants and herbal products.

                                                            [ Top ]

Economic Botany and Ethnobotany

The International Cocoa Organization maintains this site which has lots of useful information about Theobroma cacao, its origins, production, harvesting, and processing.

Ethnobotany of Wild Plant Foods
An explanation of ethnobotany with many links to information about the ways people, especially primitive people, use plants for food.  Emphasis is on Europe but other regions are included.

Howie Brounstein's Home Page
Many links to information about use of plants for herbal medicine, etc.  Howie Brounstein is owner of Columbines and Wizardry Herbs, Inc.  He has taught botany, herbalism, and wildcrafting extensively for over 18 years.

Laurie Lacey's Wild World of Plants
Is this the page of a scientist or humanist? Laurie is a practicioner of plant medicine and an expert on the ethnobotany of the Micmac Indians. She is an author and lecturer on topics of plant medicine. Included here to show the broad range of plant information on the WWW.

Plants for a Future (Plant Tracker)
A database of information on 7,000 plants of economic importance. You can search for a plant by its scientific name, common name, or use. Note: Under the Database heading click on the US site rather than the UK sites.

Rare Fruit Home Page
An online magazine of information about tropical fruits.

Steve Shook's Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science, and Marketing
A directory of resources for forestry.  Well-designed web site. See also, Agriculture and Horticulture - Forestry above.

                                                            [ Top ]


Darwin's Dangerous Idea
Information from the excellent PBS documentary.  Many resources for teachers and students.

Evolution Happens
Questions and answers about the theory of evolution.

Evolution Museum
Visit the Evolution Wing of the Museum of Paleontology at the University of California to learn about evolutionary theory, history, and resources.

Evolution Update
A very complete and useful meta-index to all aspects of evolution.  Site maintained by Stanley C. Spencer, Ph.D.

Human Origins
This preeminent website on human evolution explores chromosome comparison, skeleton adaptation, and fossil evidence.  From the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University.

The Origin of Species
The full text of Darwin's book beginning with the Table of Contents.

                                                            [ Top ]

Genetics, Molecular Genetics, and Biotechnology

Art's Biotechnology Resource
Includes biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology.

Beginner's Guide to Molecular Biology
"A resource for beginners in Molecular Biology," this page is authored by the faculty at the Department of Bioinformatics of IACR Rothamsted, UK. Topics include the cell, chromosomes, DNA, transcription, RNA, translation, and proteins.

Mendelian Genetics
This is the genetics chapter from MIT's Hypertextbook. Explains Mendelian genetics and has genetics practice problems.

Mendel's original publications of his pioneering work on pea genetics in both English and German. Photos of Mendel and analysis of his work.

Primers on Molecular Genetics
This site, developed by the Dept. of Energy, has basic information on molecular genetics, DNA, and biotechnology. It includes information on the human genome project.

                                                           [ Top ]

Herbaria, Gardens, and Museums

The Academy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia)
A searchable database of over 1.3 million plant specimens.  This site has links to all parts of the Academy.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History Museum
One of Ohio's most outstanding museums of natural history, its herbarium houses an important collection of specimens mostly from the northeastern part of the state.  This link is to the Botany Department but you can then link to all parts of the Museum.

Dawes Arboretum
Lots of chlorophyll on this page! List of taxa in the arboretum, program schedule, and membership information.

Kent State University Herbarium
Description of the collections, mostly from northeastern Ohio.

Longwood Gardens
The world's premier horticultural display garden: 1,050 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows; 20 outdoor gardens; 20 indoor gardens within 4 acres of heated greenhouses; 11,000 different types of plants; spectacular fountains; extensive educational programs including horticultural career training and internships.

Miami University Herbarium
This herbarium has many plants originally part of the Oberlin College herbarium.  The site describes the collection and tells how to gain access to it.

Missouri Botanical Garden
One of the world's most outstanding botanical garden and systematics research center.

New York Botanical Garden
Searchable database of American botanical literature.

Ohio Biological Survey
Links to members, projects, and affiliated museums and collections.

Ohio State University Herbarium
Description of the collection, procedure for accessing the collection, and other information.

Smithsonian Botany (National Museum of Natural History)
Lots of information about this very important museum's collections, research programs, and publications.

University of Delaware Botanic Gardens
Lots of images and information about plants in the garden.

University of Michigan Herbarium
All you ever wanted to know about the haystack of our friends to the north!  This is one of the great plant collections of the world.  Many resources for plant taxonomists available on this site.

                                                            [ Top ]

Newsgroups and Listserves

BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology
A collection of newsgroups and listserves (bulletin boards) for biology faculty and students. At this site you can subscribe (free!) and also browse the archives. This is an EXTREMELY VALUABLE RESOURCE.

                                                            [ Top ]

Plant Diversity

Angiosperm Families .  [Under construction.]
Descriptions, images, and links of 20 families of angiosperms.  These are chosen to be representative of major steps of evolution in the flowering plants.  These families are discussed in the EEOB 210 Local Flora courses

Bryophytes (American Bryological and Lichenological Society)
This ABLS site has many links to all groups of the Bryophyta (mosses, liverworts, and hornworts).

Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts Web Site Of Knowledge (Matt Milller)
Matt Miller has posted "growing guides for carnivorous plants in general, specific growing instructions, places to get carnivorous plants, CP societies, a web based message forum, lots of pictures, and plenty of links to other peoples CP pages as well as any other place on the web concerning carnivorous plants."

Carnivorous Plants - Niagara Exotics
Website of a vendor of carnivorous plants but a site with many links to other useful sites. This grower specializes in Sarracenia spp.

A site from botanists at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville who tells us how to use the fern Ceratopteris as an experimental model to help students understand fern life cycle and many other interesting aspects of fern biology.  Includes a "Web Manual" with full instructions.

Gymnosperm Data Base
Christopher Earle's data base of resources on the Gymnosperms including descriptions of nearly 1000 species.

A very nice outline of Gymnosperm classification which almost acts like a "key" for identification.  From a dendrology class at the University of Vermont School of Natural Resources.

International Aroid Society Web Server
All you want to know and more (!) about members of Family Araceae.  Some members of this family produce the largest flowers in the world.

Lichen Education, Taxonomy
This NSF-funded site is maintained at Oregon State University and has lots of photos, information, and hot links on this fascinating group of organisms.

Lichens, Tardigrades and SO2
This site explains how lichens and the small animals (tardigrades) that live among them can be used to study air pollution.  One of many educational sites maintained by the Kansas Collaborative Research Network.

Orchids of Wisconsin
This is an interactive flora of the native and naturalized orchids of Wisconsin. The plants can be accessed through lists of the taxa or through keys. Author, Jeff Hapeman, claims this to be the first complete flora on the web and the first to use interactive keys ("hyper-keys"). The orchid images are beautiful!

Pacific Northwest Conifers
The purpose of this site at Oregon State University is "to help you identify common conifers in the Pacific Northwest. Feel free to skip through the pages to learn more about specific genera, or to try your hand at identifying a tree specimen with a user-friendly dichotomous key. If you don't have a specimen handy, go to the mystery tree pages to try to identify the trees pictured." A very attractive design.

Plant Kingdom Survey
Authored by Frances M. Cardillo, O.S.F. and Thomman Kuruvilla, Department of Biology, Manhattan College and the College of Mt. St. Vincent. This is the "entry" to a study of Whittaker's Five Kingdom system of classification of living organisms.

Links to information about all kinds of algae, especially the macroscopic forms.

                                                           [ Top ]

Plant Images

Connecticut Botanical Society
Hundreds of outstanding plant images.

Digital Flora of Texas
An enormous vascular plant image library.

Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology

Art's Biotechnology Resource
Includes biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology.

Beginner's Guide to Molecular Biology
"A resource for beginners in Molecular Biology," this page is authored by the faculty at the Department of Bioinformatics of IACR Rothamsted, UK. Topics include the cell, chromosomes, DNA, transcription, RNA, translation, and proteins.

A directory of links to biology and chemistry educational resources.

Biological Internet Resources
Maintained by New England BioLabs, Inc., this is a page of "tools" used by their research scientists and made available to other biologists.

The goal of this page is "to enrich the public's knowledge of biology and chemistry." Includes links as diverse as "Introduction to Glycolysis" and "Cyberbotanica" (see below).

Center for Biological Timing
Everything you wanted to know about biological timing. Funded by NSF. Includes lab exercises testing circadian rhythms in plants and animals.

Plant Hormones
Ken Maas of Northern Illinois University assembled this very rich resource on plant hormones and growth regulatory substances which is now on this site in the United Kingdom.  Sections on auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, abscisic acid, ethylene, and "other growth regulators."  When this site is closed in March, 2003 go to

Plant Physiology Lab Manuals
Two outstanding online laboratory manuals have been produced at James Madison University.  The Arabidopsis Project WWW Manual by Jonathan Monroe and the Molecular Biology Laboratory Manual by Jonathan Monroe, Ivor Knight and Terrie Rife.  [Arabidopsis]  [Molecular Biology]

                                                            [ Top ]


Bee Pollination
University of Tucson's site with all you ever wanted to know about bee pollination. Special features for children.

Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants
Includes lots of information (more than just pollinatioin) about hundreds of cultivated plants. An excellent resource.

Professional Organizations and University Departments

American Society of Plant Biologists
Formerly known as the American Society of Plant Physiologists.  This site provides information about the society but also has links to resources for teaching and research on many aspects of plant biology.

American Society of Plant Taxonomists
The American Society of Plant Taxonomists. Information about the society, its members, publications, etc.

Botanical Society of America
Homepage of the Botanical Society. Links to information about the society, publications, announcements, and section home pages as well as links to botanical resources.

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (at Ft. Worth) maintains this page to explain its mission and to provide information on its research and educational programs.

Canadian Botanical Society Teaching Section
A site with many resources for teachers and thier students.  Image sites, college and university teaching, good videos, how to do it, teaching any level, internet discussion for teachers are all represented here.

Indiana University Department of Biology
Another example of a webpage for a department of biology. The usual links to information on programs and faculty.

Nature Conservancy, Ohio Chapter
Information on TNC preserves and TNC's role in Ohio.

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Arabidopsis Project WWW Manual
Excellent example of an on-line lab manual authored by Jonathan Monroe for his Plant Physiology 455/555 students at James Madison University (VA). The course is designed to teach students how to grow Arabidopsis as a model organism and how to find and analyze mutants.

Biology Education Review
This newsletter is intended to encourage communication and the sharing of ideas between college biology teachers. Maintained by Workshop Biology at the University of Oregon.

Biology-Raven and Johnson
This site supports the popular Biology textbook published by WCBrown.

The Biology Place
"Putting the vast resources of the Internet to work for introductory biology" is the goal of this page maintained by Peregrine Publishers and biologist/author Neil Campbell. A subscription by individual or school is required but you can "visit" certain parts. Link to The Chemistry Place ( Is this the future of textbook publishing?

Castanea (Southern Appalachian Botanical Society)
The journal of the SABS.

Introductory Plant Biology - Kingsley Stern
Website for this college-level introductory textbook.  Under "Student Resources" click on Online Learning Center to find resources for every chapter of the textbook.  An excellent learning tool.

Molecular Biology 480/580 Lab Manual
An on-line lab manual authored by Jon Monroe, Ivor Knight, and Terrie Rife for a course at James Madison University. See also above "Arabidopsis Project WWW Manual." 

This journal of the New England Botanical Club has many articles about taxonomy and systematics focusing on plants of the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada.  Link to the NEBC herbarium of 252,00 sheets which is being merged with the Harvard University herbarium.

                                                            [ Top ]

Taxonomy and Systematics

A list of genus and species names and their meanings.  Excellent source of information for students just beginning to learn scientific names of plants.

Classification of Plants
Based on Whittaker's Five Kingdom System of living organisms, this page has links to the various taxonomic groups of plants.

Common Plants of Wisconsin (Interactive)
An interactive identification guide to the common plants of Wisconsin.  This guide is suitable for much of the eastern United States and adjacent Canada.

DELTA: DEscription Language for TAxonomy
This is a very important page for plant systematists. The DELTA format (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) is a flexible method for encoding taxonomic descriptions for computer processing. See also the "Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server" bookmark.

Flora of North America Project
A very ambitious proect to describe the flora of the North American continent.  Many resources here.

Institute for Systematic Botany (University of South Florida)
Describes work of the Institute.  Includes a link to the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants (4,000 taxa).

Integrated Taxonomic Information System 
A partnership of agencies, other organizations, and taxonomic specialists cooperating on the development of an on-line, scientifically credible, list of biological names focusing on the biota of North America.  This is a good place to check on the correct scientific name of a plant.

International Plant Names Index
An important tool for plant taxonomists, this is a complete list of  plant names showing how various names have been used over the years.  Includes detailed bibliographic information about the original publication of each name.

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) of the USDA
This Plants Database is an excellent source of information on distribution, nomenclature, classification, images, etc.

Plant Nomenclature
Steve Wolf's excellent explanation of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature for his students at California State University at Stanislaus.

Scientific Plant Names
An excellent explanation of the binomial nomenclature system with many examples.  From Oregon State University.

Tools and Resources for Systematics Research
Lists of herbaria, nomenclatural resources, on-line keys, place name directories, etc. thanks to our friends at the U of M Herbarium.

Wisconsin Vascular Plants
An excellent site for students of Ohio flora, too.  Has more than 5,000 photos of more than 2,000 species.  A good place to check your knowledge of plants and their names.  Includes distribution maps (from USDA site).

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