Australia Spring 2006

 Australia Spring 2006 Orientation Program

ObjectivesThe objectives of our orientation is to provide an opportunity:

  1. for group members to get to know one another
  2. to learn a little about Australia (e.g., culture, geography, history, natural history)
  3. provide advice for planning our trip 

Attendance Attendance/participation is mandatory at all meetings (except the Christmas gathering).  If you have a previous commitment that you cannot break or otherwise reschedule, contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an alternate activity/assignment.  

Scheduled Activities/Assignments: (unless otherwise indicated, all meetings in PENGL 325, 7:00-9:00 PM) 

  • Sept 28 (Wednesday) – Panel Presentation with students from the Spring 2005 program.  This will be a great time to ask questions about the program, schedule, activities, pre/post trip travel, tips on packing, money, etc.
  • Oct 23 (Sunday) – Presentation by the director from the Spring 2005 program (Dr. L Davis)
  • Nov 1 – Topics for reports due (send to me via email)
  • Nov 10 (Thursday) – written report due by 5:00 pm (send to me via email)
  • Nov 13 (Sunday) – Student Presentations
  • Dec 15 (Thursday; Study Day); PENGL 325, 3-5 PM. – Final arrangements & announcements & details
  • Dec. 11 (Sunday) – Holiday Open House at the Saupe’s (optional)

:  In addition to attending our group meetings, you are required to prepare a written report, approximately one typed page (excluding images & references), describing some aspect of Australia that you want to experience during your trip.  Your report may focus on a place of interest that you want to visit, or an organism(s) that you want to see, or cultural items such as artwork, music, or food, or whatever, as long as it pertains to our Australian experience.  Your report could include such things as background information describing what it is, why it is interesting, where you find it, why you want to see/experience it, and why we might be interested, etc.  Images are welcome, assuming you give credit for the source.  Include at least one reference that we can consult for further information.  You must confirm your topic with me before you begin (this is due 1 Nov).  Email your report to me by Friday, Nov 10 in a Word readable file.  I will collate the reports and provide them to you in a booklet.  You will then present your report to the group.  Your presentation should be about 5 minutes long and accompanied by visual aids as appropriate.  If you plan to use Powerpoint you MUST put it in Public Folder for our group.  DO NOT plan to bring your file on a CD, flash drive or load it from your own account.  Your presentation should inform us about your topic and try to convince us why we should be interested in your suggestion. Even if you can’t attend our meeting, you must still notify me of your report topic and complete your written report by the assigned dates. 



Australia Presentation Topics


Name Topic   Name Topic
Josh, Stephanie surfing (topic closed)   Megan History of Freemantle
Meghan Australian "lingo"   Anne Ningaloo Reef
Angie Perth Zoo   Greg Cricket
Adnan Aboriginal culture   Brittney Shark Bay
Mindy Rottnest Island   Megan lawn bowling
Blake Australian football   Doug Boomerang
Jake Australian economy   Terese Great barrier reef
Jon Tasmanian devil   Maria Augusta
Adam Sydney Opera House   Tyler Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park
Jenna Coral Coast   Andy Fremantle Prison
Steve Round House   Andrew Rabbits
Shannon King's Park   Dan Wapole-Nornalup National Park
Erin Canberra, government