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Do Hedge Apples Repel Spiders?


Post Lab Assignment

    The results of this lab will be documented by writing a lab report.  You may discuss the report with others in the class, but you must write your own report.  This includes preparing your own graphs, data tables, etc.  The reports must be typed.  The reports should be approximately 2 pages long, not including graphs, tables, etc.  Click here for directions for writing a lab report.  Be sure to also complete the  Lab Report Checklist.


    Some specifics:  In your introduction, be sure to include some research about hedge apples (what plant are they from? where do they grow? what does the plant look like? what is known about hedge apples? how did the idea that hedge apples can control spiders develop?  what is known about this idea? etc., etc.).  In the Methods section you

you should describe the experimental arena, how it was constructed, the source of hedge apples (grocery store), source of spiders (collected from a barn), how the hedge apples were treated (stored in a refrigerator for 5 weeks before use), how the spiders were treated (collected 24 hours prior to use, maintained in a glass container with a plastic top). 


    Recall that we used a chi square statistical test (On Line Stat's Calculator) to analyze our data.


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