Plants & Human Affairs - Introduction
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Independent Research Project Proposal Form

Overview:  Prepare a proposal that documents the project that you plan to do by preparing a Research Proposal that includes the following information.

  1. Tentative title of your project

  2. Team members

  3. Introduction to the problem.  In essence, this will be a short literature review - a survey of the topic that you plant to study.  It should contain at least one primary reference (journal article).  Essentially, this is the "introduction" of a scientific paper.  At least one page.

  4. Question:  Summarize the question(s) that you will be testing

  5. Hypothesis:  State the hypothesis(s) that you will test.

  6. Alternate hypotheses:  State at least one alternate hypothesis.

  7. Protocol (or Experimental Design):  Describe the procedures that you will follow in as much detail as possible.  Include concentrations of all chemicals, amounts required, etc.

  8. Variables:  Identify the experimental variable.  Identify at least 5 controlled variables.

  9. Control:  What is your control group?  What is your experimental group?

  10. Materials List:  List the materials that you will require.  Include everything - be thorough.

  11. Safety Procedures:  Indicate ay special safety procedures that you will need to follow.

  12. Results:  Prepare blank tables that will be used to collect your raw data.

  13. Analysis:  Prepare tables/graphs that will be used to summarize your raw data

  14. Statistical Analysis:  Identify any statistical tests that you will use to analyze your data

  15. References:  Cite any references that you consulted (at least one; final paper must have at least one primary reference)

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