Plants & Human Affairs
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Poster Presentation Checklist  

I.  Title
accurately reflects the poster contents
attracts attention
II.  Introduction
concisely describes background and logic/rationale of study/topic
includes hypotheses and predictions (as appropriate)
III.  Methods
adequate description of methods/experimental protocol
IV.  Results
tables and figures were appropriate and properly prepared
tables and figures were properly prepared (captions, legends, axes)
effectively display results
narrative concisely describes results
addresses hypothesis/predictions
appropriate statistical tests were used
V.  Conclusions
appropriate for results
summarizes the support for hypothesis
include explanations for patterns in data
suggest possible alternate hypotheses for data
include problems encountered and sources of error
VI.  Literature Cited
proper format
includes all references cited in text
only includes references cited in text
VII.  General/Visual Presentation
Logical layout
Title appropriately placed/sized
Readable from a distance
Free from grammatical, spelling and other problems
Poster prepared professionally (e.g., cut edges straight, no ragged edges, items glued down)
visually interesting



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