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Evolution/Creation Debate

Many school districts, including the local St. Cloud schools (District 742) have had to deal with the issue of creationism. Some individuals, including a few biology and chemistry teachers, have suggested that creationism should be taught in our public schools as an acceptable alternative hypothesis to evolution.  After all, isn't evolution "just a theory?"  In class, we will do a role-playing exercise that will attempt to replicate this issue in front of a school board.  Each person will select a role (see below).  The Superintendent will call the meeting to order.  On the agenda, high school biology teachers are petitioning the school board to allow him/her to teach creationism in the unit on origins.  The superintendent will direct the proceedings.  The teachers will take the floor first and address the issue and the reasons that creationism should be included in the curriculum.  They will be rebutted by local college biology teachers.  Attorneys for the school district will provide a legal analysis of the issue.  Then the public, including parents, religious leaders and others, will have the opportunity to speak about the issue.   The school board will then debate the issue and vote.  What will happen?  Statements should be prepared prior to class and show thoughtful/insightful approach.  The priests and fundamental ministers should present the the view of his/her respective church.  Concerned citizens may take either side but you should present reasoned arguments for their position. 

1 Superintendent Laura
2 School Board Member Dan
3 School Board Member Jacob
4 School Board Member Brent
5 School Board Member Jon
6 School Board Member Mubera
7 School Board Member Carrie
8 School Board Member Emily
9 High School Science Teacher Curt
10 High School Science Teacher Katie
11 High School Science Teacher YuMin
12 College Biology Teacher Bryan
13 College Biology Teacher Christiaan
14 College Biology Teacher  
15 Fundamentalist Minister Danijel
16 Fundamentalist Minister Maddy
17 Catholic Priest Brady
18 Catholic Priest Tyler
19 Attorney Ryan B
20 Attorney Brandon
21 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Mark
22 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Luke
23 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Lue
24 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Eric
25 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Adam
26 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Sophie
27 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Ryan P
28 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Andrew
29 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Marie J
30 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Peter
31 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Blake
32 Concerned Citizens/Parents/Student Cheick

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