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Quick Evolution/Creationism Survey

General Directions Answer each of the following questions True (T) or False (F).

  1. _____ The Catholic Church denies the existence of evolution.

  2. _____ The theory of evolution denies the existence of a creator God.

  3. _____ Any scientific findings that contradict the Bible should be discarded.

  4. _____ Evolution cannot be tested because it happened in the past.

  5. _____ Landforms like the Grand Canyon were created by God and have not changed since then.

  6. _____ Fossils were intentionally put on Earth to confuse humans

  7. _____ Genesis is the best account of how the Earth was created and populated with life

  8. _____ Humans and apes share a more common ancestry than humans and dogs

  9. _____ Events in nature occur as part of a predetermined plan.

  10. _____ The Genesis account of creation should be taught in public schools as a  viable alternative to evolution.

  11. _____ Both evolution and creationism are scientifically valid theories

  12. _____ Virtually all scientists consider evolution to be a fact

  13. _____ Humans exist today in the same form in which they always have

  14. _____ The Earth is approximately 4-5 billion years old

  15. _____ Organisms exist in essentially the same form in which they always have

  16. _____ Evolution is only a theory, not a fact

  17. _____ Scientists must limit their investigations to the natural world

  18. _____ Evolution is a testable

  19. _____ Evolution is falsifiable

  20. _____ To make any scientific conclusions about historic occurrences in nature, there must be direct observation.

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