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Review Guide for Saupe Section - Exam 2

     The exam will include questions on material since the previous exam.  Thus, this exam will be a mixture of questions from Dr. Chu (animal biology) and me (plant reproduction).  My questions will be a mixture of objective (e.g., multiple choice, definition, fill-in-blank) and subjective (short answer) questions.  Bring a pencil and your ID number to the exam.  The exam is designed to last one hour.  In general, my exam questions could include:  (1) anything covered in class; (2) items in textbook that pertain directly to concepts covered in class; (3) lecture notes on line; (4) study sheets, handouts or other materials used/assigned in class; and (5) questions from videos seen in lab (i.e., video worksheet).  The following is a brief summary of the main topics that are "fair game" for the exam:

Study Hints:  Check out the tips for studying for the exam from the first Exam Review Sheet

Plant Reproductionthe following is "fair game" for the exam

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