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Review Guide - Exam #4 (Final Exam)


     The exam will be similar in format to our previous two exams; it will be a mixture of objective (e.g., multiple choice, definition, fill-in-blank) and subjective (non-objective) questions.  The subjective questions could include completing/analyzing diagrams or experiments, short answers (require a few sentences), definitions, and matching.  The multiple choice questions will be scored electronically so you will need to bring & use a pencil.  The subjective questions can be answered using pencil or pen (I strongly recommend pencil).  The exam is designed to last one hour.  In general, the exam could include:  (1) anything covered in class; (2) items in textbook that pertain directly to concepts covered in class; (3) lecture notes on-line pertaining to material covered in class; (4) study sheets, handouts or other materials used/assigned in class; and (5) questions from videos seen in lecture (i.e., video worksheet).  On the first exam review sheet I provided some study hints that you may want to check out.   Below is a brief summary of the main topics that are "fair game" for the exam. 



Reproduction - A Primer

Plant Reproduction

Animal Reproduction


Comprehensive Section
    The comprehensive section of the exam will be worth approximately 20% of the final exam grade.  Thus, you should spend about 20% of your time studying for this material.  My recommendation is to focus your studying on the "forest" rather than the "individual trees."  Although there will likely be "specific" questions on this section, when I write comprehensive questions I attempt to look at the "big picture" and see how topics fit together, unifying threads, etc.  Some of the questions in this section will be the same for all students in the course; others will be unique to our section.  To study for this part of the exam you may want to:

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