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Linnaeus:  Some Notes

Born:  May 22, 1707;  Rashult, near Stenbrohult, village in southern Sweden

Father:  Nils Ingemarsson.  He adopted the name Linnaeus upon entering Church.  Named after Linden tree (Lind in Swedish).   Cleric.  Horticulturist.  Worked in the vicarage garden.  Farmer's son

Mother:  Christine; also from a clerical family (her mother was burned as a witch in 1622).  They married in 1705.

Early Years

Medical School

Lapland Collecting Trip (1732)

Post Trip:  after he returned, he tutored students (for cash).

Holland Years:


Post Marriage/Holland:



  1. founded binomial system

  2. developed and popularized system of classification (sexual system)

  3. named and described plants to 1753

  4. clear terminology for plant description

  5. provided rules for naming plants



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