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References & Resources

  1. Textbooks
  2. MN General ID
  3. MN - Wildflowers
  4. MN - Trees
  5. CSB/SJU Media
  6. Societies


  1.  Textbooks (menu)
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2. Minnesota - General Identification: (menu)

  • MN DNR Listing of Publications (a few are listed below)
    • Minnesota's Native Vegetation: A Key to Natural Communities
    • Minnesota's Native Plants, Selected Books
    • Minnesota Natural History, Selected Books
    • Minnesota's List of Natural Communities
    • Minnesota's List of Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species
    • Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily, an Endangered Minnesota Wildflower
    • Natural Heritage, Northern Tallgrass Prairie. Foldout brochure
    • Natural Vegetation of Minnesota at the Time of the Public Land Survey 1847-1907, Biological Report Number 1.
    • Minnesota's Bearing Tree Database
    • Preserving Wild Ginseng in Minnesota
    • Leedy's Roseroot, a Cliffside Glacial Relict
    • Orchids of Minnesota
    • Prairie Bush Clover
    • Western Prairie Fringed Orchid, a Threatened Midwestern Prairie Plant
  • Field Guide to the Native Plant Communities of Minnesota - The Laurentian Mixed Forest, The Eastern Broadleaf Forest, and The Prairie Parkland and Tallgrass Aspen Parklands Provinces.  All three available from  For more info, visit the DNR plant publications website.
  • Cofell, Lorraine Westrup. 1977.  A Study of the Vegetation in the Upland Forest of St. John's Abbey and University.  Collegeville, MN  84 pp.
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3.  Minnesota Wildflowers (menu)

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4. Minnesota Trees (menu)

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5. Media (at CSB/SJU) (menu)

  • Edible Wild Plants - video (QK 98.5.A1)
  • Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind (pollination) (QK 926.S49)
  • Roadside Plants of Central Minnesota - slide set (QK 112.W4)
  • Prairie Plants of Central Minnesota - slide set (QK 938.P7 W4
  • Woodland Plants of Central Minnesota - slide set (QK 938.E6 W4)

6. Professional Societies (check out the web sites) (menu)

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