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PreLab:  Leaf Shape Lab

  1. Print copies of the lab exercise, pre-lab, tracing technique, and post-lab.  Bring to lab.

  2. Print two copies of the images for your assigned leaf sample (files below, black/white is fine).

  3. Read the lab exercise. 

  4. Complete Table 1 - Predictions/Hypotheses and bring it to lab.  For each of the following: (1) select your hypothesis; and (2) provide a written the rationale for each prediction. 

  5. Not required, but it will save you time in lab:  using one of the two copies you printed of your assigned leaf images, cut out each leaf as precisely as possible, and bring the cut out leaves to lab.




1 Summer herbs have (larger / smaller) leaves than spring herbs


2 Leaf petioles are (longer /shorter) in spring herbs than summer herbs


3 Spring herbs will have a (greater / lower) frequency of compound and dissected leaves than summer herbs


4 Herbs will have a (greater / lower) frequency of compound and dissected leaves than trees  
5 Spring herbs will have (thinner/thicker) leaves than summer herbs


6 Trees will have (thicker/thinner) leaves than herbs


7 Petioles of leaves will be longest in an environment:
     (a)  with lots of sun, high light
     (b)  that is shady


8 Leaves will be thickest in plants in an environment that is: 
     (a) wet   (b) dry


9 Leaves will be thinnest in plants in an environment that is: 
     (a) sunny (b) shady


10 Leaves on a given tree will be thickest:
     (a) to the outside/top of the canopy 
     (b) to the inside/bottom of the canopy


11 On an individual tree, lobes will be most prominent in leaves:
     (a) to the outside/top of the canopy
     (b) to the inside/bottom of the canopy


12 Leaves of the trees in a deciduous forest will have a shape more similar to herbs that grow in the:
     (a) spring  (b) summer


13 In which habitat would you expect the leaves of the herbs to most look like the tree leaves:
     (a) deciduous forest  (b) rain forest




Digital Leavesthe specimens that we will use in this lab have been scanned.  Copies of the files are below.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 a 9b 10 11
12a 12b 13a 13b



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Last updated:  01/07/2009               � Copyright  by SG Saupe