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Independent Research Project Proposal Form

Overview Prepare a proposal that documents the project that you plan to do by completing the following information.

  1. Tentative title of your project.

  2. Team members (3 max.)

  3. Introduction to the problem.  In essence, this will be a short literature review - a survey of the topic that you plant to study.  It should contain at least one primary reference (journal article).  Essentially, this is the "introduction" of a scientific paper.  At least one page.

  4. Summarize the question(s) that you will be testing.

  5. State the hypothesis(s) that you will test.

  6. Describe the procedures that you will follow in as much detail as possible.  Include concentrations of all chemicals, amounts required, etc.

  7. List the materials that you will require.  Include everything - be thorough.

  8. Indicate any special safety procedures that you will need to follow.

  9. Prepare blank tables that will be used to collect our raw data.

  10. Prepare blank tables/graphs that will be used to collect your raw data.

  11. Identify any statistical tests that you will use to analyze your data.

  12. Cite any references that you consulted (at least one; final paper must have at least three primary references).

  13. Indicate desired start date.

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