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Plant Transport Case Study

Study the data provided (not inserted) and answer the questions True or False.  If the answer is false, correct the statement

Response Question
1   Ringing a stem prevents transport in the xylem
2   Ringing a stem destroys the phloem but not the xylem
3   Woody tissue transports carbohydrates/organic compounds
4   Phloem is located in the bark of a woody plant
5   Girdling a tree will prevent the leaves from getting water
6   A tree that is girdled will die because it dies from thirst
7   Phloem transports organic materials from the leaves to the roots
8   Phloem only transports organic materials downward and xylem only transports water upward
9   Phloem can transport water upward
10   Phloem will likely transport organic materials from a fruit to a leaf
11   Phloem will likely transport organic materials from an old leaf to a young leaf
12   Phloem can transport organic materials from the roots to aerial parts of the plant, but only in the autumn
13   Phloem transport requires live cells
14   Xylem transport requires live cells


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